Released 2022-02-24
0001562: [Defect] Can't create project (e7andy)
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Released 2019-11-06
0001411: [Defect] Delete issue gives error message (e7andy)
0001487: [Task] Add one change log file for each app (e7andy)
0001488: [Task] Add Azure pipeline to promote app from internal to prod (e7andy)
0001449: [Defect] Open attachment fails (e7andy)
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Released 2019-10-24
0001438: [Task] Setup Azure Devops as build environment (e7andy)
0001475: [Task] Check 64-bit compliance (e7andy)
0001476: [Task] Set target to at least Android 9 (API level 28) (e7andy)
0001459: [Task] Remove the scan QR code button (e7andy)
0001448: [Defect] File download fails (e7andy)
0001445: [Defect] App crash on open issue (e7andy)
0001447: [Task] Request runtime permissions (e7andy)
0001409: [Defect] File upload fails (e7andy)
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Released 2018-08-21
0001425: [Task] Manually move and setup all projects in Android Studio (e7andy)
0001397: [Task] Add support for TLS 1.2 (e7andy)
0001398: [Defect] Change PHP version in help text (e7andy)
0001399: [Task] Remove old test installations of MantisBT (e7andy)
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Released 2014-06-26
0001205: [Task] Create feature graphic for Play Store (e7andy)
0001088: [Task] Improve info text for login problems (e7andy)
0001099: [Task] Add page with unresolved issues (e7andy)
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Released 2014-06-10
0000335: [Issues] Add setting for recently modified issues (e7andy)
0000997: [Task] Add setting to hide the Closed issues page (e7andy)
0001066: [Task] Add ViewHolder pattern for all views (e7andy)
0001068: [Task] Add setting with access level override (e7andy)
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Released 2014-04-29
0000847: [Task] Add page with closed issues (e7andy)
0000980: [Task] Make multiple logins smoother (e7andy)
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Released 2014-04-17
0000420: [Issues] Highlight clicked issue in issue list (e7andy)
0000902: [Defect] Notes got a pink background (e7andy)
0000627: [Task] Add support for multiple logins (e7andy)
0000865: [Defect] Check that the format of dates in custom fields are formatted correctly (e7andy)
0000916: [Defect] Open issues from project list and add issue, wrong project is selected (e7andy)
0000807: [Projects] Add view issues function (e7andy)
0000896: [Defect] Selected project is reset on issue add (e7andy)
0000849: [Task] Remove deprecated method calls (e7andy)
0000851: [Login] Trim username on login (e7andy)
0000855: [Defect] Test file upload (e7andy)
0000920: [Defect] Issues are not displaying assigned issues correctly (e7andy)
0000912: [Defect] App crash on issue open (e7andy)
0000913: [Task] Update screenshots and texts (e7andy)
0000958: [Defect] Icons in dashboard are too small on Nexus 5 (e7andy)
0000960: [Defect] LastPass fills wrong fields (e7andy)
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Released 2013-11-15
0000845: [Defect] The note owner should be able to edit notes (e7andy)
0000844: [Task] Add link to MantisBT Web page (e7andy)
0000477: [External] Create product page for MantisDroid (e7andy)
0000791: [Defect] Visualization problem when "target version" is set (e7andy)
0000741: [Defect] Empty due date sets to 1970... (e7andy)
0000693: [Defect] On add note update the issue screen (e7andy)
0000714: [Defect] Fix crash on startup after long time in background (e7andy)
0000709: [Defect] Cannot save project with subprojects (e7andy)
0000731: [Issues] Handle due date in both report and view issue (e7andy)
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Released 2013-09-02
0000650: [Defect] Handle orientation changes on Galaxy Tab 10.1 (e7andy)
0000471: [Issues] Use the issue objects better (e7andy)
0000577: [Task] Add Mantis URL to the feedback mail (e7andy)
0000578: [Task] Add login assistant (e7andy)
0000561: [Issues] Share text and create issue with text as description (e7andy)
0000584: [Task] Remove issues in Sonar (e7andy)
0000439: [Login] Add connection and setup guide (e7andy)
0000458: [Issues] Move hardcoded titlestrip strings to resource (e7andy)
0000452: [Projects] Handle projects with the same name (e7andy)
0000552: [Task] Add shortcut function to change target version (e7andy)
0000583: [Defect] Not possible to save project (e7andy)
0000478: [Task] Remove all critical violations in Sonar (e7andy)
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Released 2013-03-07
0000201: [Test] Write Robotium tests for Projects (e7andy)
0000504: [Defect] User cannot login, err msg "length=8;regionStart=4;regionLength=-5" (e7andy)
0000566: [Task] Install MantisBT with Chinese (e7andy)
0000514: [Defect] Crash while loading issue notes (e7andy)
0000271: [General] Implement landscape mode (e7andy)
0000447: [Login] Handle MantisBT URL with login_page.php in the end (e7andy)
0000426: [Issues] Change the assigned to me view (e7andy)
0000429: [General] Do not reload content on orientation changes (e7andy)
0000432: [Defect] Crash while scroll issue list during refresh (e7andy)
0000433: [Defect] Forms are reset on orientation change (e7andy)
0000444: [General] Install MantisBT 1.2.14 as test environment (e7andy)
0000453: [Defect] Menues are not updated correctly after orientation change (e7andy)
0000451: [Defect] Crash after app been in background (e7andy)
0000454: [Issues] Show target version in issue list (e7andy)
0000423: [Defect] Crash on orientation change (e7andy)
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Released 2012-12-01
0000418: [Defect] Fix error message from search for not found issues (e7andy)
0000312: [Projects] Project - Manage project versions (e7andy)
0000407: [Defect] Https - Test and implement non-default port (e7andy)
0000403: [Projects] Hide "Upload File Path" (e7andy)
0000356: [Issues] View custom fields (e7andy)
0000364: [Login] Add support for Http Basic Authentication (e7andy)
0000396: [Login] Save login credentials even when failed login (e7andy)
0000394: [Defect] Authorization hangs forever when connection problems occur (e7andy)
0000398: [Login] Improve error handling (e7andy)
0000399: [Login] Change default URL (e7andy)
0000401: [Defect] Fix authorization problems (e7andy)
0000389: [External] Update screenshots in Play Store (e7andy)
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Released 2012-11-06
0000395: [Defect] Project create crash and save fail (e7andy)
0000392: [Defect] MantisBT version 1.2.12-dev is not supported (e7andy)
0000391: [Defect] Scan QR codes only support port 80 (e7andy)
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Released 2012-10-30
0000388: [Task] Add sonar to the projects (e7andy)
0000386: [Task] Write release process for new versions (e7andy)
0000164: [Task] Subprojects support (e7andy)
0000365: [Task] Add link and info about buying the full version (e7andy)
0000367: [Task] Create new icon for free version with FREE text (e7andy)
0000381: [Task] Url login - Allow ordinary http/https links (e7andy)
0000236: [Task] Create robotium test case to setup new test database (e7andy)
0000379: [Defect] Too large icons in dashboard on larger screens (e7andy)
0000374: [Task] Add scan QR code button on login screen (e7andy)
0000376: [Task] Login - Trim mantisBT url (e7andy)
0000360: [Task] Project list - Display view status in list (e7andy)
0000380: [Task] Change save icons and add cancel button (e7andy)
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Released 2012-10-11
0000371: [Defect] Touchwiz crash on SGS3 when app is installed (e7andy)
0000373: [Defect] LoginActivity - Do not clear inputs onResume (e7andy)
0000366: [Defect] Improve error message in login activity (e7andy)
0000370: [Defect] Add missing icons (e7andy)
0000372: [Task] Move not needed images to new art folder (e7andy)
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Released 2012-09-28
0000351: [Request] Create free version of MantisDroid (e7andy)
0000358: [Task] Add MantisDroid version to about dialog (e7andy)
0000352: [Defect] Resolution is changed when changing status (e7andy)
0000357: [Defect] Priority none is not displayed correctly in issue list (e7andy)
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Released 2012-09-02
0000333: [Task] Remove old version support (e7andy)
0000336: [Defect] Clear authorization on login (e7andy)
0000334: [Task] Save username and access level on authorization (e7andy)
0000153: [Defect] LoginActivity should load values from preferences onResume (e7andy)
0000294: [Task] Add steps to reproduce field to issue pages (e7andy)
0000088: [Task] Create login screen (e7andy)
0000143: [Task] Filter issues to the correct page (e7andy)
0000346: [Task] Buy SSL certificate and test app (e7andy)
0000350: [Task] Create new promo icon (e7andy)
0000328: [Task] Advertise the app (e7andy)
0000182: [Task] Activate Google Play Application Licensing (e7andy)
0000345: [Task] Obfuscate the apk (e7andy)
0000341: [Task] Create QR codes and links for all logins and servers (e7andy)
0000342: [Task] URL login - Click login button if all inputs filled (e7andy)
0000297: [Task] Add SSL support (e7andy)
0000340: [Defect] Wrong error message when using SSL in barcode (e7andy)
0000337: [Defect] Activate controls instead of hiding (e7andy)
0000332: [Task] Install MantisBT 1.2.9 (e7andy)
0000307: [Task] Write Play Store description, fix images (e7andy)
0000308: [Task] Test - Handle loss of connection (e7andy)
0000204: [Task] Test - Kill app and test to start (e7andy)
0000144: [Task] Create show issue page (e7andy)
0000099: [Task] View issues for all projects (e7andy)
0000169: [Task] Handle MantisBT version and version override (e7andy)
0000101: [Task] Move MantisBT in preferences to below username and password (e7andy)
0000135: [Task] Create action bar (e7andy)
0000136: [Task] Add issue pages to actionbar (e7andy)
0000137: [Task] Add controls to main activity (e7andy)
0000138: [Task] Flytta alla ws-anrop från UI-tråden (e7andy)
0000142: [Task] Handle orientation changes (e7andy)
0000145: [Task] Create show project page (e7andy)
0000146: [Task] Add project dropdown to actionbar (e7andy)
0000149: [Task] Change login method to mc_project_get_users and save user id (e7andy)
0000150: [Task] Create xml layout for issues (e7andy)
0000151: [Task] Add loading symbol to LoginActivity and handle login button (e7andy)
0000152: [Task] If user is logged in, then don't stop at login screen (e7andy)
0000155: [Task] Save selected project in preferences and use it (e7andy)
0000157: [Task] Add colors to issues depending on the state (e7andy)
0000160: [Task] Make loading dialogs cancellable (e7andy)
0000190: [Task] Do not require full mantisbt api url (e7andy)
0000165: [Task] Create xml layout for projects (e7andy)
0000168: [Task] Hide fields for platform, os, os version if empty in issue details (e7andy)
0000175: [Task] Settings - check login on change, toast if login failed (e7andy)
0000181: [Task] Activate install on SD card (e7andy)
0000186: [Task] Fix menues and actionItems (e7andy)
0000189: [Task] Back in Main Activity exits app (e7andy)
0000202: [Task] Deactivate settings (e7andy)
0000098: [Task] Implement function - Move issue to other project (e7andy)
0000156: [Task] Add about activity and menu icon (e7andy)
0000130: [Task] Make the password field in preferences show asterisks instead of letters (e7andy)
0000239: [Task] Update issue list after report issue (e7andy)
0000141: [Task] Implement issue loader (e7andy)
0000147: [Task] Create edit issue page (e7andy)
0000148: [Task] Create edit project page (e7andy)
0000205: [Task] Create create issue page (e7andy)
0000296: [Task] Add refresh buttons to main activity to reload user (e7andy)
0000162: [Task] Add attachment icon to issue list item if attachment found (e7andy)
0000191: [Task] Implement function - Add note in edit and details issue activity (e7andy)
0000241: [Task] Add dictionary support to fields (e7andy)
0000172: [Task] Add Inherit Global Categories to create project page (e7andy)
0000185: [Task] Refactor makeToast and loading dialog methods (e7andy)
0000177: [Task] Add delete function to issue details and issue edit pages (e7andy)
0000178: [Task] Add delete function to project details and project edit pages (e7andy)
0000179: [Task] Add refresh buttons on list and detail pages (e7andy)
0000183: [Task] Setup test environment (e7andy)
0000184: [Task] Setup Robotium to test the GUI (e7andy)
0000192: [Task] Implement function - Update status of issue (e7andy)
0000193: [Task] Implement function - Assign issue to (e7andy)
0000194: [Task] Implement function - Mark issue as resolved (e7andy)
0000196: [Task] Implement function for getting feedback (e7andy)
0000199: [Task] Finish Robotium tests for Login (e7andy)
0000213: [Task] IssueDetails - Set status assigned when issue is assigned (e7andy)
0000203: [Task] Make the EditText for MantisBT URL multiline (e7andy)
0000207: [Task] Create create project page (e7andy)
0000208: [Task] Refresh item lists after item update and create (e7andy)
0000212: [Task] Show issue after report issue (e7andy)
0000221: [Task] Add loading dialog on save issue (e7andy)
0000284: [Task] Implement function search issue by Id (e7andy)
0000229: [Task] Add menu to issue details (e7andy)
0000230: [Task] Replace expand/collapse icons (e7andy)
0000231: [Task] Cache enums (e7andy)
0000267: [Task] Save last used project in Edit activity (e7andy)
0000270: [Task] Update selected project in issue list after report issue (e7andy)
0000273: [Task] Lock app in portrait (e7andy)
0000280: [Task] Hide functionality for not authorized users (e7andy)
0000279: [Task] Upload File in Issue details Activity (e7andy)
0000283: [Task] Refactor caching (e7andy)
0000285: [Task] Handle add project with same name (e7andy)
0000288: [Task] Add Upload File Path to project pages (e7andy)
0000293: [Task] Add version fields to issue pages (e7andy)
0000295: [Task] Add additional information to issue pages (e7andy)
0000298: [Task] When resolving and closing issues set more values (e7andy)
0000303: [Task] Add functions to view and download attachments (e7andy)
0000306: [Task] Increase spacing between list items (e7andy)
0000313: [Task] Add function to delete attachment (e7andy)
0000327: [Task] Check max file size use it when uploading files (e7andy)
0000326: [Task] Make all asynctasks cancellable (e7andy)
0000324: [Defect] Fix edit issue if user is Viewer (e7andy)
0000323: [Defect] Logout if user is Viewer (e7andy)
0000320: [Task] Set title to Edit Note while editing notes (e7andy)
0000305: [Defect] Handle loading dialogs (e7andy)
0000232: [Defect] Fix crash on orientation change (e7andy)
0000281: [Defect] Project edit - fix mandatory symbol (e7andy)
0000228: [Defect] MainActivity crash in landscape (e7andy)
0000220: [Defect] Fix crash on create issue (e7andy)
0000197: [Defect] Issue list not loading issues after activity has been destroyed (e7andy)
0000198: [Defect] Handle orientation changes the correct way in issue and project lists (e7andy)
0000188: [Defect] Clear project spinner on refresh issue list (e7andy)
0000176: [Defect] Use correct userId in IssueListActivity when sorting issues (e7andy)
0000173: [Defect] Project details - enabled har fel värde (e7andy)
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