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0001409MantisDroid[All Projects] Defectpublic2019-01-18 16:07
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Summary0001409: File upload fails
DescriptionFile upload not working.

Permission problem? If you try to upload a file you get a toast with "[Filename] (Permission denied)" and then another toast with "Upload failed".

Uploading files from other locations than from the device also got problems:
Dropbox - App crash
Drive - File selection failed
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2016-11-25 20:17

reporter   ~0000293

The app crashes or displays a toast with error message, whenever I try to upload a file to an issue


2016-12-05 10:32

reporter   ~0000295

It's connected to app's permission to access an sd card. The app doesn't ask for this permission - just throws an error.


2019-01-18 15:21


Screenshot_20190114-083625.jpg (1,939,059 bytes)


2019-01-18 15:24

administrator   ~0000313

I just realised that you can manually allow the storage permission for the app to get it to work right away without a new release.
Exactly how you enable that permission differs from device to device.
This is how you do it on my phone (Huawei P10 Plus):
Settings->Apps & notifications->Apps->MantisDroid->Permissions. Enable Storage.
Now you can download and upload files. There is another bug in the Open Attachment dialog that makes if to fail to open that downloaded file. The downloaded file is located in your Downloads folder in your device.


2019-01-18 16:07

administrator   ~0000315

Add permission check to
Add it to the showFileChooser() method, r.753-764

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