Released 2013-11-15
  • 0000845: [Defect] The note owner should be able to edit notes (e7andy)
  • 0000844: [Task] Add link to MantisBT Web page (e7andy)
  • 0000477: [External] Create product page for MantisDroid (e7andy)
  • 0000791: [Defect] Visualization problem when "target version" is set (e7andy)
  • 0000741: [Defect] Empty due date sets to 1970... (e7andy)
  • 0000693: [Defect] On add note update the issue screen (e7andy)
  • 0000714: [Defect] Fix crash on startup after long time in background (e7andy)
  • 0000709: [Defect] Cannot save project with subprojects (e7andy)
  • 0000731: [Issues] Handle due date in both report and view issue (e7andy)
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