Scheduled For Release 2027-02-01
  • 0001574: [Task] Move the add buttons to a floating action buttons (e7andy)
  • 0001573: [Task] Migrate to ViewPager2 (e7andy)
  • 0001572: [Task] Load issues by status instead of loading all and sorting them. (e7andy)
  • 0001571: [Task] Add pull to refresh, move refresh button to menu (e7andy)
  • 0001416: [Login] Improve login help (e7andy)
  • 0001480: [Defect] After some actions issues in the lists are displayed twice (e7andy)
  • 0001555: [Task] Use https as default protocol if none is supplied (e7andy)
  • 0000422: [Login] Redesign the login activity to a more modern style (e7andy)
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