Scheduled For Release 2020-01-01
0001434: [Task] Investigate how to handle customizations of MantisBT
0001429: [Defect] Screen rotates incorrectly on click in icon view (projects and issues)
0001411: [Defect] Delete issue gives error message
0001400: [Defect] Error saving version
0001428: [Defect] Don't try to login unless successful login has occurred
0001219: [Task] Save and display last login date/time to multiple logins
0001218: [Task] Make it possible to delete a single login in Multiple logins
0001396: [Task] Remove the password validation for anonymous logins
0001416: [Login] Improve login help
0000903: [Task] Do not load all issues - pagination
0001414: [Task] Add improved error logging
0001392: [Task] Add page for issues with status feedback
0001391: [Task] Add page for monitored issues
0001394: [Task] Make it possible to hide/show all views for issues
0001388: [Task] Create new flat icon/logo
0001317: [Task] Create new version in Android Studio, Gradle and GitHub
0001395: [Task] Show an issue counter in each issue page
0001387: [Task] Add file upload function with support for multiple files
0000405: [Issues] Update custom fields function
0000434: [Issues] Implement roadmap
0000435: [Issues] Implement change log
0000955: [Task] Check if any project is added and handle if none exists
0001134: [Defect] Improve decompile prevention
0001279: [Task] Add support for html tags in issue descriptions and notes
0001313: [Task] Improve feedback/question report mail
0001166: [Request] Options to sort issues lists
0001213: [Defect] Issues on password change
0001127: [Issues] Add swipe function in issue details
0000562: [Issues] Share photo and create issue with photo as attachment
0000908: [Defect] Web service call that gets a redirect will not work
0000694: [Task] Add issue relationships
0000870: [Task] Add camera support for attaching files
0000606: [Task] Add notifications
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