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0001515MantisDroidTaskpublic2020-03-16 11:14
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Product Version2.9 
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Summary0001515: Chaging priority icons in MantisBT is not reflected in MantisDroid
DescriptionI changed the icons in config_defaults_inc.php like this :

$g_status_icon_arr = array(
    NONE => '',
    LOW => 'fa-clock-o fa-lg green',
    NORMAL => '',
    HIGH => 'fa-chevron-up fa-lg red',
    URGENT => 'fa-bullhorn fa-lg red',
    IMMEDIATE => 'fa-ambulance fa-lg red'

(see screen shot below)

and the change is not reflected in MantisDroid.
Steps To Reproduce1. Change config_defaults_inc.php
2. Check priority icons in MantisDroid
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2020-03-16 11:02

administrator   ~0000330

The app doesn't support customisation so this is a known limitation in version 2.x.
In the planned future version (3.x) of the app a lot more customisation will be implemented.

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